In The Press

The Four Horsemen of Politics

Op-ed on the political divide between left and right

Daily Herald 11/7/2018

Are the Women of Utah Living Below Their Privileges?

Published article from Veronika Tait inspiring Utah women to hit the polls

Meridian Magazine 9/20/2018

Perfectly Maggie Update... An Exciting Partnership

Veronika Tait, featured winner of the book Perfectly Maggie: a Sleepytime Story by Meg Macquire

Noteworthy Mommy 9/20/2018

Line Upon Line

Published article from Veronika Tait on the importance of understanding behavior as nuanced while encouraging empathy and humility

Meridian Magazine 8/29/2018

Tait: Our leaders must be held accountable

Letter to the editor in response to Rudy Giuliani's statement that truth isn't truth

Daily Herald 8/27/2018

I've just created a free series on how to discipline your toddler without hitting! Ask me anything!

Read questions answered about Veronika Tait's 5 part parenting series

AMA FEED 7/31/2018

How to Manage Out of Control Toddler Screen Time

Work from Veronika Tait on managing out of control toddler screen time

Journey to Stay at Home Mom 6/19/2018

Protesters rally in Salt Lake against U.S. immigration policy

Veronika Tait quoted about the devastation of immigrant families being separated at the US-Mexico border

Deseret News 6/1/2018