Public Policy

The Just-World Phenomenon: 5 Things that Transformed me From Victim-Blaming to Empathizing

The Just-World Phenomenon is the idea that those who are on top of the social latter, those with money, power, and influence, believe the world is just. Those in the middle think the world is somewhat just, and those at the bottom believe the world is unjust.

by Veronika Tait
March 24, 2019

Does Gun Control Reduce Crime? Exploring Gun Control Statistics

We are constantly bombarded with conflicting messages, hearing different interpretations of what it means to have common sense. To some, it seems obvious that the easier it is to obtain a gun, the more gun deaths there will be.

by Veronika Tait
November 9, 2018

Rehabilitation vs Punishment debate: Exploring Tough Love and the Halden Prison Model

While discussing with my university students if prisoners convicted of violent crimes should be treated humanely, I was surprised by the turn of the conversation. One student said something...

by Veronika Tait
March 31, 2018